Be on the inside with Ian


Nice to meet you, I’m Ian.


I’m here to help…to answer your questions and talk as
much as you want about real estate; to help you learn
more about the market and what you want to achieve.


We’re about long term relationships, not short term


Feel free to check out some info below, and when you’re
ready to talk, I’m here.


About Ian

Ian is like a layer cake.   Amazing icing on the outside, but when you cut into it you really get to see all of the cool layers – layers made up of shred negotiation skills, deep neighbourhood knowledge and a keen eye for opportunities for his clients.


Ian grew up surrounded by savvy real estate investors and entrepreneurs. This experience has allowed him to see opportunities where others might not and has honed his understanding of what it means to secure a deal for a client.  Having lived all over Toronto, he also developed a strong understanding of the unique communities the city has to offer. 


Ian has put down roots in the Beach and can spotted walking his Mini Doodle down the boardwalk or hitting the local rinks when he’s not busy doing what great agents do!

toronto agent

toronto agent

How is the Richards Group is different?

In today’s market it’s more important than ever to maximize every opportunity to achieve your goals. It’s also more important than ever to work with a team that is committed to taking total care of you during this experience while delivering exceptional outcomes.


That’s why our goal is not volume. It’s total care and incredible results, one client at a time. We never take anything for granted and continually push beyond industry standards to provide our clients with the best expertise, support and outcome possible.


We don’t just recommend a trades and improvements to get your home ready for sale…


We select our preferred trades, complete the estimates, negotiate on your behalf, make the design selections, manage the project and the contractor, and ensure every step of the process is complete for you to get the most for your home.


We don’t just send you listings…


We dive deep to understand your current and long term goals, match you with our database of clients who are considering selling, search for off-market homes, knocking door to door.   Our design team even gives you a full consultation to make your new home perfect.


You get solid market expertise, our in-house design service and premium client care…and that’s just the beginning.


toronto agent

Ian Hastings – Sales Representative


2241 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario,
M4E 1G1